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          1. Dongguan Library 久久网
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            Digital Newspapers & Periodicals

             Academic Periodicals-CNKI

             It offers users more than 9000 kinds of periodicals, covering subjects of literature, history, philosophy, politics, military education & law, agriculture, science & engineering, electronic technology & information science, economy & management, ect.. All the periodicals can be read on line or downloaded.

             User name access in the Library: xn0030 password : dgstsg

             Journal of Humanities

             It offers users access to over 3000 kinds of journals of humanities, including political news, economic management, health & life, science education, etc. with the functions of reading on line, classified by different subjects, title search and so on.

             Management Magazine Library

             There are more than 100 kinds of world-known journals, reviews, case study collections, interviews collections, book reviews on management science, covering the subjects of business administration, public management, agricultural and forestry economy, library and information science, etc.. Users can download or read them on line.

             Multimedia Information Library

             Consists of 65 pieces of the most influential global Chinese newspapers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Southeast Asia and Canada, the Library has various functions of keyword searching, email connecting and information downloading.

             Academic Periodical Collections “VIP Information”

             Over 10,000 kinds of academic periodicals and more than 30,000,000 papers can be searched, read online and downloaded.

             Politics Newspapers and Periodicals Collections

             In eight special databases, there are more than 8,000,000 papers, which consist of newspapers and periodicals including China Daily, Qiushi, Global Times, China Economic Weekly, Party and government literature, NPC and the CPPCC conference papers, laws and regulations, politics review and so on.

             Newspapers and Periodicals Index Collections

             National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals has collected most of newspapers and periodicals from the Republican Era, and provides content index and a variety of convenient searching ways for users. Therefore, users need to leave his/her mailbox address to receive original papers.

             NPC Press Copy Collections

             Collected by NPC Books and Information Center, there are periodical papers of different categories and topics on philosophy, law, economics and management, education, literature and art, history and so on.

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